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Discover new people, share and view stories and chat. It's effortless,
intuitive and fun way to meet someone new and actually get to know

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Feeling cute…might delete it later(;

Share stories and show the world (or maybe your crush) your passion,
interests and authentic self.

Slide into DMs

Like his dog, maybe her gym selfie? Sounds like
the perfect excuse to slide into their DM. Make the
first move, or wait…it’s totally up to you!

Mutual match? Time to say hi!

Streax +

Travel Mode

Fun on the fly
Tryna make new friends on
vacay? Need a rave bae?
Change your location to match
with people in other cities.

Feeling Bold… can’t wait to shoot your shot?
Text even before mutually matching with Instant chat

Feeling yourself lately? Get
CenterStage to shine all lights on
you, casually show up first on
discover page!

Feeling butterflies!
Send a crush and let 'em
know what’s up!

Wanna hang out?
Need a lil help planning?
Say no more fam!

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